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Selected publications


Chakravarty, R., Mohan, R., Voigt, C. C., Krishnan, A., and Radchuk, V. (2021). Functional diversity of Himalayan bat communities declines at high elevation without the loss of phylogenetic diversity. Scientific Reports, 11(1), 1–13. 


Planillo, A., S. Kramer-Schadt, S. Buchholz, P. Gras, M. von der Lippe, and V. Radchuk. 2021. Arthropod abundance modulates bird community responses to urbanization. Diversity and Distributions 27(1):34–49. 


Pretzlaff, I., V. Radchuk, J. M. Turner, K. H. Dausmann. 2021. Flexibility in thermal physiology and behaviour allows body mass maintenance in hibernating hazel dormice. Journal of Zoology 314:1-11.


Radchuk, V., T. Reed, C. Teplitsky, M. van de Pol, A. Charmantier, C. Hassall, P. Adamík, F. Adriaensen, M. P. Ahola, P. Arcese, J. Miguel Avilés, J. Balbontin, K. S. Berg, A. Borras, S. Burthe, J. Clobert, N. Dehnhard, F. de Lope, A. A. Dhondt, N. J. Dingemanse, H. Doi, T. Eeva, J. Fickel, I. Filella, F. Fossøy, A. E. Goodenough, S. J. G. Hall, B. Hansson, M. Harris, D. Hasselquist, T. Hickler, J. Joshi, H. Kharouba, J. G. Martínez, J. B. Mihoub, J. A. Mills, M. Molina-Morales, A. Moksnes, A. Ozgul, D. Parejo, P. Pilard, M. Poisbleau, F. Rousset, M. O. Rödel, D. Scott, J. C. Senar, C. Stefanescu, B. G. Stokke, T. Kusano, M. Tarka, C. E. Tarwater, K. Thonicke, J. Thorley, A. Wilting, P. Tryjanowski, J. Merilä, B. C. Sheldon, A. Pape Møller, E. Matthysen, F. Janzen, F. S. Dobson, M. E. Visser, S. R. Beissinger, A. Courtiol, and S. Kramer-Schadt. 2019a. Adaptive responses of animals to climate change are most likely insufficient. Nature Communications 10:3109.


Radchuk, V., F. De Laender, J. Sarmento Cabral, I. Boulangeat, M. Crawford, F. J. Bohn, J. de Raedt, C. Scherer, J. C. Svenning, K. Thonicke, F. M. Schurr, V. Grimm, and S. Kramer-Schadt. 2019b. The dimensionality of stability depends on disturbance type. Ecology Letters 22:674–684.


Egli, L., H. Weise, V. Radchuk, R. Seppelt, and V. Grimm. 2019. Exploring resilience with agent-based models: State of the art, knowledge gaps and recommendations for coping with multidimensionality. Ecological Complexity 40:100718.


Radchuk, V., R.A. Ims & H.P Andreassen. 2016. From individuals to population cycles: the role of extrinsic and intrinsic factors in rodent populations. Ecology 97(3): 720-732.


Radchuk, V., C. Turlure & N. Schtickzelle. 2013. Each life stage matters: the importance of assessing the response to climate change over the complete life cycle in butterflies. Journal of Animal Ecology 82: 275-285.

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